Winging It With WoodWing

I doubt people 60 years ago would be able to believe the way the media and journalists would operate today.

Not only do we have media from the bygone era such as print and broadcast, but now we have media platforms online, on our Blackberries, iPhones, on iPads, kindles in the form of blogs, social media, digital magazines, podcasts, online videos and so much more. I bet someone right now is working on something else.

With so many platforms it’s easy to feel a bit overwhelmed as a media producer. However, there is someone who always thinks out of the box or tries to new things to make this process easier.

I came across a content system called WoodWing. A Dutch based company which seeks to make it easier to publish content across platforms. They want to make the workflow, including gathering information, in the new age easier.

WoodWing has functions such as contacting fellow colleagues and working on several platforms. This would also allow people from various places to edit and upload content in its various forms. For media producers this opens up a whole new global market for not only people producing the content, but also viewing it.

I can’t tell you how effective it is right now, but the possibilities are exciting.

Are We Human Or Are We Journalists?

With such large companies it is easy to feel like being in an inhumane factory just churning out content or just manning the machines that do so. At time it is cutting the amount of people that work in the media down. You can outsource certain people for certain jobs from around the world and at the same time save a lot of money in doing so.

While that is all good and well for the large companies and its CEOs I can already hear disgruntled journalists moaning on their blogs and on Twitter about their jobs being at risk.

So are we being taken over by robots and machines? Are people becoming redundant? My answer to that is no.

Job descriptions are certainly changing, but that is not necessarily going to put more media producers out of jobs. As a colleague pointed out, editor, sub editors, writers, art directors, layout, pictures eds worked together to put a magazine together. And although the sub editor and layout people have become a layout person, that brand is no longer just producing a magazine.

There may be a digital magazine which would need a video editor or maybe a flash developer. And while I am not entirely sure of the process of a digital magazine, I am pretty sure that the previous magazine team, no matter how excellent they are, would have a hard time trying to juggle the various platforms. There is more media to produce, therefore more people are needed.

All this is hypothetical though. Nothing, not even fast internet is certain.

To find out more about WoodWing, visit their site here.

If you are currently working with Woodwing, I would love to hear how it is going. You can mail me on

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