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Socialite, Kim Kardashian, is not really an actress or singer, yet she is everywhere and has fast become so popular. The reason she, along with so many other celebrities who have faded out of the limelight, still have such a presence is because they have branded themselves and marketed their identities well.

 MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, Hi5, Linkedin have all contributed to the online presence of celebrities. However, companies and other businesses can benefit from online marketing and the use of social networks. For example, Ashton Kutcher has over 1 million twitter friends following him. While this is different for companies compared with people and celebrities, online tools, social networks and social media are useful tools for businesses.

Online marketing is referred to as iMarketing or eMarketing.

Blogging is also an effective marketing tool. In the book “Blogging heroes: interviews with 30 of the world’s top bloggers” by Michael A. Banks (2008), he speaks to a majority of bloggers who began their blogs in order to advertise their companies. They have advertised their blogs on various aggregator sites, such as Aggregator and social networks, such as Twitter, MySpace and Facebook,  which have directed the interested audience to their blog. The blog was able to market their businesses and keep their potential clients updated on developments.

Dave Taylor, who was the number one on Bank’s top bloggers list, began his blog when people emailed him the same questions over and over again. He then began his blog The Intuitive Life Business Blog in order to reach his audience and reply to potential clients all at once.

 According to David Taylor, blogs can help you “establish a voice” and identity online, as well as give you an authority in your marketplace (Banks, 2008: 5).

There are many benefits with regards to online advertising for your company. Firstly, there are more options in terms payment options. Secondly, in terms of design and advertising sizes eMarketing is slightly less restrictive than traditional media. Lastly there is the fact that online sites are customisable.

Firstly, pricing is positive in online marketing is the pricing. Previously in analog media such as newspapers, advertising was expensive as it charged (beforehand) according to its circulation figures. There are various pricing options to choose from, for example, if you would rather pay every time someone clicks on the ad (CPC or Cost per click), or whether pay per impression or action. You are able to customise pricing options to suit your pocket and your company.

With regards to design, online advertising allows you to really brand your business and become creative. The creativity lies in creating a name and look that is eye catching, appealing and unforgettable. Every child is able to recognise a Cocoa Cola or MacDonald’s sign or logo, your brand should do the same. You are also able to choose the size of your ad on other sites, for example would a banner or skyscraper ad suit what you are advertising?

In South Africa, which is still faced with unequal internet access and bandwidth problems, online advertising and marketing has not yet taken off like its counterparts in the United Kingdom. In the United Kingdom, online advertising has surpassed television advertising or adspend. But if you look at the growing trend overseas, you should prepare your company for the online marketing wave that should soon to hit South Africa.


Tips: Choose a great, catchy name and tagline

Get a cool unforgettable design to accompany it

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